Barrel ~ Necklace

Lets show your love for the ocean 🌊🏝🏄🏽‍♀️

The Barrel Necklace is made for the girl who dreams of the ocean. Even when you aren’t by the shore, you can always play in the sea with this necklace as a gentle reminder.  Whether you’re a surfer or just a lover of the ocean, this necklace will always take you back to the unique feeling by the sea.

at Aloha tip: mix & match as much as you can to create your own beachy vibe;)

All you need to know about this necklace

Fitting: one size 
Colour: silver
Material: 925 sterling silver
Care: Handle with care  Perfect for everyday use, wear in and out of the sea without color fading.  
Extra info: each item is made by hand, this ensures that the item can deviate slightly from the photo in details. This is in line with the unique and beachy character of at Aloha. 

Size chart

Wave: 3cm
Chain: 44cm

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